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Corsair project

This project is a sailing exploration and the adventure journey of a lifetime for a bunch of modern day novice explorers and adventurers aboard Corsair ( a 66ft steel ketch true blue water cruiser yacht ), in the distinct company of all those who share our vision, having the following key targets & main objectives in mind as a crew:


This is what the crew and captain have in mind , for themselves and for the crowd funding guests and friends joining us along the way

  • Spiritual growth achieved from experiencing our beautiful world while crossing oceans.
  • Challenging ourselves on sailing trips undertaken all over our blue planet.
  • Exploring very remote places in a variety of different situations and adverse weather conditions.
  • Experiencing pleasant tropical islands and later on eventually reaching arctic regions on our next expeditions.


This is how we intend to finance, promote, advertise, market and sustain the whole operation

  • Team building exercises tailored to private customers , corporate clients and business executives.
  • Our clients could be tested to the limit of their personal ability by the crew / yacht / ocean /weather via a series of exercises and tests designed to find their individual & collective strengths and weaknesses.


This is the knowledge and experience we know we need to acquire, so we can safely push our boundaries to the limits

  • Establishing a network of extremely capable male and female sailors and explorers.
  • Test and push ourselves to the edges of human oceanic exploration capability and endurance.
  • Support the development of new advanced safety & emergency sailing equipment , in partnerships with manufacturers.


This is how we intend to pay back and reward the universe for allowing us to bring our project to reality :

  • Promote and encourage women and young people to take up exciting & modern careers in the sailing & adventure tourism industries.
  • Help them gain ocean experience via free sailing introductory packages & temporary placements on our yacht during ocean crossings .


This is something which if we are successful will hopefully inspire next generations of sailors that its possible to travel around the world without using engines & burning fossil fuels and , so there is an environmental positive message to be shared with the world .


  • Aim to complete a full circumnavigation without using our main engine and relying only on our sails.
  • Document the real life experience of handling by sail alone a 66ft yacht that weights over 30 tonnes as we tackle currents, reefs , wind & waves , especially when approaching and departing new ports.
  • Video record the 20-25 stops around the world in various challenging and difficult anchorages, harbours, ports and lagoons. Create a guide on how to cross the Panama canal engine-less.
  • Make Rollo ( our dog ) an internet sensation , as we depict and share with the world how he deals with the challenges a pet encounters on such a voyage.
  • Share on social media any environmental pollution we encounter along the way.

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