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Corsair Hull


This amazing and highly seaworthy yacht was built by an Australian boat builder in 1968.
Was built using very good quality virgin steel compared to cheap recycled steel manufactured these days, incorporating very strong design lines, this as a result has produced a very capable true blue water cruiser.
Corsair has been sailed extensively all over the world for the last 50 years with 2 known circumnavigations but possibly more. 
There have been reports about it being a dive charter boat for treasure hunters for a few seasons in Caribbean, so perhaps that's where the name Corsair comes from ?..
Registered in many previous countries before such as Malta & Germany, the yacht was discovered in Greece and purchased in 2013 from an elderly British couple based in Doncaster & Hull area.
They bought it in Turkey approx 10 years ago, and in 2013 they decided to retire from sailing life due to old age and ill health.

Present situation

Corsair is now a UK registered vessel, hauled out in a Mediterranean sea boatyard in the west Greece town of Preveza, completely stripped back to bare metal and ready for a refurbishment and re-fit.
This complete refurbishment is much needed in order to allow those who have the passion and desire for taking on this adventure to travel safely, securely and comfortably at sea for long periods of time.

Boat details

There are 4 separate cabins and two separate en-suite bathrooms, so we can accommodate up to 4 couples in privacy & comfort, at the same time, while having enough berths for crew and captain in main saloon.
By changing the interior layout to have up to 14 berths*.

This will allow us to welcome aboard a maximum total of up to 28 people at the same time , crew & guests combined , if they accept sharing bunks & mattresses on a rota system, and of course each one of the 28 explorers will be having their own individual sleeping bags.

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