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Case scenario

Case scenario & example of berth availability & first come -first served :
Lets say that the following ranks have pledged and contributed towards the project :

  • 3 x Master
  • 7 x Boatswain
  • 12 x Gunner
  • 8 x Quartermaster
  • 21 x Carpenter
  • 10 x Mate

From rank page we know our rank level

It is the rule of the open seas that the higher rank Boatswain has priority over a lower rank.
So a Master will over rule anyone except a Vice-Captain, an Boatswain will out rank a Gunner, etc...
In our example, we can quickly identify and determine that the 3 Master have secured 3 berths for the full circumnavigation.
Since there are 14 berths onboard, and our crew is made up of 4 crew members and the captain ( thats 5 berths plus 3 Master gone), it follows that there are only 6 berths available for a full circumnavigation.
Since there are 7 Boatswain who are aiming for 6 spots, there is a decision to be made by the full members of the expedition at this stage ( 1 captain, 4 crew, 3 Master, the first 6 crowd funding Boatswain who have secured the 6 spots for the first 2/3rds of the circumnavigation in chronological order ):
A) - Is this the full crew to start the journey
B) - We allow 24 members onboard , with 2 people sharing a bunk on alternating shifts, on & off watch
There are advantages and disadvantages , and everyone has a vote while the captain has 2 votes.
Once voting is over, we know what has been decided.

Lets describe option A in more detail:
-the 3 Master come onboard and take 3 berths for the full circumnavigation , they are happy
-the Boatswain have been promised 2 guaranteed ocean crossings, and if there is a spare berth a 3 ocean crossing completes their circumnavigation
-the first 6 Boatswain who pledged before the 7th Boatswain get priority, and they book the remaining 6 berths so for the 2/3rds of the journey the boat is full
-once the 2 ocean crossings are done the 6 Boatswain are happy and disembark , because there is a queue of waiting sailors and we have fulfilled our reward to them, we guaranteed them 2 crossings and they got it
-the 7th Boatswain embarks for his 1st ocean crossing, so by the time the first circumnavigation is done he will only be owed another ocean crossing which is not a problem because the 3 Master will get off the boat and other Gunner, Quartermaster, etc..will embark instead, so there is plenty of room for everyone as the yacht goes around the world
-once the 6 Boatswain finish their journey, the 7th Boatswain and and 5 of the 12th Gunner take their place
-these 5 out 12 Gunner again are the first ones which pledged chronologically before the others, so they take priority
And so on, etc.

Now describing option B in more detail :
-it has been voted to allow a number of 28 onboard
-the Master and the crew and the captain and the Boatswain take 15 places out of the 28
-the balance of 13 is filled with the 12 Gunner and the first person on the Quartermaster list
-Master stay on until end of journey
-Boatswain stay on until 2/3rds of journey is completed and their place is taken by more Quartermaster
-Gunner stay for one ocean crossing and then they get off , being replaced with rest of Quartermaster, etc...
(It sounds complicated but its actually very simple once you structure it and plan it properly .)

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